Site Introduction


this is the first line a visitor to your website will read, so make it a catchy one. Either something as simple as your name or perhaps a key strap line from you book, try to remember this needs to hook to user in and make them want to read more.

Sub Title

Still as important as the main title and should continue the hook you are trying to get across in the main title.

Rolling Banner

You have 3 slides on the rolling banner to fill, these can be pictures of anything relating to your, or your book. The website will continuously roll through the pictures while a user is on the home page.

About Author & Picture

Give the reader an insight into you, what inspired you to write, what you enjoy doing in your spare time etc this will ensure that the reader can relate to you. Your author picture is also important, take your time to think about your picture as it one of the first things your website user will see, make sure it is a picture you feel comfortable with.

Latest Book

Below is a flip book feature allowing potential readers to get a taste of your book.

My Portfolio

This allows you to display pictures of any other books or the inside pages, with direct links to them on your site.

Reader Comments

All important reader comments, take your time in gathering the best ones you have to display on your home page, honest feedback is always the best.

Social Media Feeds

Links can be activated on the bottom of the home page to give user easy access to your social media feeds e.g. Facebook, twitter think carefully if you want to link to personal social media accounts or if you would like to set up accounts dedicated to your books/author persona. The links will be displayed as buttons like below.

Latest Book

My Portfolio

Blog one

Any news and information you have about you or your book can go on here, keep the web users...

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